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Vienna Convention

In the period since World War II, a number of international conventions have been concluded.


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Wouldn't you enjoy a partial diplomatic immunity? Or to save some money on taxes? Not having to pay VAT or Sales Tax? Later you could try out the all new political and business cloud. Enjoying growing respect from your community and enjoy full diplomatic immunity? We ot only guide you through a complex process of obtaining a diplomatic passport; we also guarantee the programs success through our 100% Money Back Guarantee thus retaining our solid client base. Having prepped the Honorary Consuls to fulfill a useful role as it includes the cultivation of bilateral relationships. In such areas as culture, trade, economy and science. The Honorary Consulate obligations is to help with the economic and trade cooperation. That together with the expansion of business from the country of citizenship in the country of representation.

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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Opportunity to use some of the advantages for business purposes that will increase your social status.
  • The Diplomatic Immunity – under International Law (with some limitations).
  • Free Diplomatic vehicle license plates (Special color of the plate).
  • No more liability in taxes on any income which arises from your consular activities.
  • A lto of opportunities to meet government officials and be involved in diplomatic circles.
  • The usage of Diplomatic channels at airports, no time delaying and annoying customs checks.

Honorary Consul Appointments are for reputable and respectable people, generally for wealthier individuals with a cosy network of connections in the local or global business community. An honorary Consul must be able to offer the sending country real benefits in return for their appointment.

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